Gold $1219.75 Silver $16.30 Platinum $989.00 Palladium $546.00

Jewelry Casting Alloy Data Sheet Selector

Carrera Casting is one of the largest and most experienced jewelry casting companies in America. We are acknowledged in the industry as a technology leader. See us featured in this video by Solidscape.

At Carrera we offer the widest variety of colors and alloys that are all available and ready to be cast everyday. In 18 Karat alone we have over 10 different alloys to choose from, so chances are that if you are trying to match a specific color we probably already have it. 

Our R & D department is always working on developing new alloys that have the properties and colors to suit our ever changing industry for gold casting, silver casting, platinum casting, palladium casting and more.

All our Platinum alloys are from Johnson Matthey and is manufactured under the strictest guidelines.


If you don't see the metal that you are looking for, please ask us.

Please click on the links below to all the alloys in a color group or  to select individual alloys to view,  check the boxes in the table below and then click "SUBMIT".

All Yellow All White All Green All Pink All Special
All Platinum All Palladium All Silver All Brass
Yellow GoldWhite GoldGreen GoldPink GoldSpecial Alloys
5 KT Yellow5 KT White14 KT Green10 KT Pink14 KT Enamel
10 KT Yellow10 KT White14 KT Rich Green14 KT Pink14 KT Spring
14 KT Yellow14 KT White14 KT Light Green18 KT Pink18 KT Spring
18 KT Yellow14 KT Palladium Wh14 KT Yellow Green18 KT Light Pink14 KT Brown
18 KT Rich Yellow18 KT White18 KT Rich Green20 KT Dark Pink18 KT Brown
20 KT Yellow18 KT Palladium Wh18 KT Light Green
22 KT Yellow18 KT Dark Green
24 KT Yellow18 KT Green (PLG)
19 KT Green (PLG)
95% Pt Cobalt95% PalladiumDeox SilverYellow Brass
90% Pt IridiumSterling SilverWhite Brass
95% Pt Ruthenium
95% Spring Platinum