Learn how to "Perfect Your Trade" from Carrera Casting experts. In "Managing Your 3D Files" episodes Master jeweler and Carrera CAD/CAM Director Tom Manos teams up with Greg Falkner, Carrera's Product Development Manager, to share their real world knowledge and expertise in the areas of custom jewelry design, manufacturing and technology. Even better, this comprehensive series is free!

Managing Your 3D Files episodes will cover:

  • CAD Design.
  • CAD File Management.

Learn how your maximize your designs for superior casting results by avoiding common CAD design errors. Having predictable casting and streamlined manufacturing results will drive your customer satisfaction while generating more business and profits. Stay tuned, many more Perfect Your Trade - Managing Your 3D Files episodes to come!


In Episode One "Maximizing Your Prongs and Walls", Greg raises some common problems many customers have when designing in CAD prongs and walls. Tom offers some easy steps that will maximize your prongs and walls for a successful casting process.

 Take Aways - Prongs & Walls

  • Hidden engineering problems that may hinder your building and casting process
  • Optimal height to width ratio for the prongs
  • Drafting or pyramiding of the prongs
  • Prongs and walls tolerance can impact your casting results

In Episode Two "Stamps, Logos and Draft Angles" Greg Falkner, Carrera's Product Development Manager, explores with master jeweler Carrera CAD/CAM Director Tom Manos frequent customer logo and lettering issues. Tom points out the best way to implement logo and lettering into your jewelry design to survive the casting process.

 Take Aways - Stamps, Logos & Draft Angles

  • Use of draft angles between 5 and 10 degrees
  • Recommended depths for logos and stamps - "Deeper does not mean Better"
  • Use of block or sans serif fonts to minimize sharp angles and maximize casting quality
  • Creating the best logos and stamps by laser engraving